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Tom Gilmour

London, uk

Creating work dominated by occult imagery, nomadic themes and heavy linework, London-based illustrator Tom Gilmour says he finds inspiration in "black tattoo art and early 80's skateboard graphics" to achieve a powerful aesthetic akin to something of a morbid blend of Gus Wagner and Jim Phillips. Gilmour draws each piece by hand in ink with splashes of watercolor and digital renderings to achieve certain shading effects.

Helen Hebenton

Manchester, UK

Helen's portfolio of work reflects her own personal interests, which draws on elements of the uncanny and surreal. 

Helen has played a big part of our 'Animal Inspired' collection - favourites include the 'Luna Bear' and  'Cat' which was featured in GQ in Summer 2015.

Dale Sarok

Manchester, UK

Dale’s work is loosely based around imagery often associated with Tibetan Buddhism also drawing from personal life experiences and his spirituality.  

He approaches the act of painting not in the traditional sense but as a means of drawing using the paint as a medium, this gives his painting a considered linear quality.

Delancey Throne

Worcester, UK

Rhys uses traditional pen and ink to create his illustrations, combining intricate linework with detailed stippling. Hailing from a comic-art background, his work focuses on elaborate composition, often containing an assortment of stylistic nuances such as the occult, pulp magazines, black metal, hip-hop, and many others. He is also a published writer, and avid fan of cult cinema.

Karl Sandor

York, UK

Karl is the Founder and Director of TKT. The majority of his work is conceptualised using digital media then re-drawn using pen and ink. This reverse engineered way of working allows for some unique perspective on design - having the reigns of the company's social media at reach, he has the ability to manipulate the final product to make with the input of the TKT followers.

Lauren Sheperd

Newcastle, UK

Lauren Shepherd is a motion graphics designer, illustrator and dachshund mom based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. 

Her illustrations depict wildlife, wildflowers and bones. They are delicately macabre but filled with romance.  Lauren draws predominately in black fineliner, allowing herself only a slight dusting of gold due to her over exuberance with colour in her wardrobe.